Holroyd Parramatta Zone of Playgroups

"Joining Playgroups Together"

Reward Points

As we have multiple sessions within our zone playgroups we split the points into their days which will make it fair for all groups.   

e.g. Greystanes North – Wednesday
       Greystanes North – Thursday

When you attend meetings, events, or help the zone in another way, like fundraising you will have to always put the playgroup you attend and day (specially if you are from a multi-session group).  If you attend more than 1 playgroup, please make sure you advise all the playgroups you attend as each of them will receive points.  If you don’t advise your playgroup and day you will not be awarded any points.

The points will be rewarded as follows:

2 points - Attending events (this means events that are paid for so we know who is attending)

5 points - Helping at events

5 points - Attending meetings

10 points - Contributing to fundraising for the zone

Prizes for reward points are reward to the top three places.

$100 for 1st
$75 for 2nd
$50 for 3rd


Reward Points for 2013

The counter has been reset for 2013 


Winners for 2012

1st  Westmead Young Mothers Group

2nd Pendle Hill Bungaree Babes

3rd  Westmead Possums 


All of the above playgroups contributed significantly to the running of the zone in the year past and are well deserving of their winnings.  

Congratulations from the Zone team & thank you on behalf of our members.