Holroyd Parramatta Zone of Playgroups

"Joining Playgroups Together"

What does the Zone do for me?

A Zone is a number of Playgroups in a geographical area; in our case, we represent 19 playgroups (including some multi-session groups) in an area spanning from Harris Park to Nelsons Ridge.


The zone provides the vital link between individual playgroups and Playgroup NSW. We are here is maintain a support network for individual playgroups, by offering practical advise and assistance and by providing opportunities for members to interact and share resources together via meetings, fun-days, workshops and training sessions.


We assist in the establishment of new playgroups and help out when problems arise. We refer new and potential members to playgroups in their area and because we are locally based, can be tuned into the issues of the local area and organise guest speakers, write letters and address issues relevant to each local community.


The Zone is run by a group of volunteers who belong to playgroups in the zone. We have first hand experience of running our playgroups and can offer useful advise and assistance. We often have knowledge of the local community and the resources available.


The zone operates in a similar way to the playgroups in that a committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in August-September of each year.  These volunteers take on the designated roles of Co-ordinator, Secretary and Treasurer. As with playgroups, decision making is the responsibility of all members of the zone who attend the meetings.


For this reason, a delegate from each playgroup should attend all zone meetings to ensure that the views of individual playgroups are represented. Any member of Playgroups NSW who attends a playgroup in our Zone can attend and participate in the Zone meetings and contribute to decision making. The voting at the Zone General meeting is restricted to one vote per attending member.


Benefits of belonging to a Zone

  • Zones provide opportunities for members of playgroups to interact, share and learn together
  • Zones, and the playgroups within them, reflect the individuality of local communities
  • More efficient dissemination of information of playgroups providing a referral service and contact point between playgroups, the community and other organisations.
  • The zone committee is closer to home and more aware of local condition, enabling it to help groups in the area more effectively
  • Zone activities - many large scale activities can be arranged at a zone level. These activities such as Fun days, concerts, etc that may not be possible for individual playgroups to organise.
  • Exchange of ideas can be organised through workshops, visits to playgroups etc.
  • You can receive practical assistance (including an initial injection of funds for procurement of craft and toy resources and rental support) in the setup and running of the playgroup.